Our Story


The birth of an idea

Most people have no idea just how badly they’re getting ripped off every time they buy a luxury item from an expensive fashion store.
On average, fashion companies sell at a price from 10 to 40 times higher than it costs to produce.

These markups cover the costs for wholesalers, distributors, retailers and expensive advertising campaigns.
The price of the items increases each time it trades hands. And by the time it gets to you, you’re paying almost 4,000% more than the cost it took to produce.

For decades, people were forced to either spend a huge amount of cash for items they love… or be forced to buy cheap items made from low-quality materials.
All around the accessory market, we were always disappointed to find ourselves forced to look at either budgeted, low-quality products or well-designed, expensive ones. We couldn’t believe how hard it was to just find something that looked great, without the luxury price

The idea behind the creation of this shop was born from this this simple observation.

Our mission

Celtime is a Belgium based company standing by the motto: "Elegant watches without the luxury price"

We sell more than just watches. We sell a lifestyle. Our customers are creative, have a need to express themselves in an overcrowded world.
They are people that know the beauty of being unique.

Willing to differentiate ourselves from bigger brands, seeking for the perfect match between modernity and elegance, we are putting the price proposed to customers at the very heart of our interests.

We have made it our mission to provide others with custom luxury watches that is the perfect combination of style and comfort at a reasonable price.
By working closer to the producers we are reducing the amount of participant along the line, which allows us to propose products at the price it truly costs.

Celtime is driven by the following values:

  1. Superior Quality - when looking at a piece of work, we love to see the time and love that went into creating it.
  2. Reasonable Prices - because elegance and style shouldn't break the bank.
  3. Great Support - the kind of service we'd want to experience ourselves.

And we believe it matches your expectations.

Michael A.
Founder of Celtime

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